Pink Plymouth Prowler Challenge

This Photo of a Perfect Pink Plymouth Prowler, is from Forza Horizon 3. Although it’s getting a bit old, Forza Horizon 3 is still a beautiful game with awesome schemes to take pictures in. This photo was kindly given to RookieRaceline, by Xbox GT: Power Skunk.

Have a closer look at the two images bellow, and see if you can spot 5 differences between them. The more you find, the harder it gets. You can get some help with the last few ones, if you click on the solution spoiler bellow

So it was tricky huh? The yellow pointers will highlight the 5 differences for you

If you like this kind of challenges, make sure to take a look at the other Find Five Friday challenges. We try to come up with one each Friday. Also, if you want to share an image for this, like Power Skunk did, head to our Image Submission Page. They just need to be large, sharp and detailed for us to have some details to work with.

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