Reversed Logitech Pedals

It is not a secret, that brake pedals is the one hardware upgrade that will give you the greatest performance boost. This was obvious at the SIM EXPO 2021 where almost every stand, displayed their new pedals or a partnership with a pedal manufacturer. Companies know what we know. That said, I personally believe that most of us, don’t need +1K worth of pedals and honestly, probably won’t even notice the difference between the top models. Although I’d still choose to upgrade from entry pedals, there are ways to make them better, without breaking the bank.

The entry sets that I started with, were Logitech and Thrustmaster and honestly, they did a great job for the price. Arguably, the Logitech pedals are better than the Thrustmaster T3PA but the T3PA-Pro pedals were actually pretty decent! Both have a rubber stopper, that gives some resistance to the pedal. Resistance is good because it allows you to better feel how much brake you are applying. There were guides on the internet, on how to remove the rubber stoppers because people were finding it hard to press. I did a post about that, called “How hard can it be” trying to explain that people just had to get used to it, because it was so much better. Going the other way, and increasing the resistance would be even better, and is indeed an option available by companies like MVH Studios, 3D Rap and many others on eBay, and private marketplaces.

I saw this upgrade, from a company called Extreme Sim Racing, that offers an upgrade for all the Logitech pedals available at this poing. This covers the G25, G27, G29, G920 and G923. It will replace the rubber stopper with a much larger one, and also reverse the pedals to allow for more pressure. This upgrade is one of the nicest I have seen, for the Logitech pedals and I wanted to share it with you.

Back in the time, I inverted my own pedals in a very similar way, using pieces of wood, but this is a much more elegant way of doing it, that looks much better and is even adjustable to allow you to move the pedals to the right or left if needed.

Although I have no personal experience with the mode, I know the pedals pretty well and it looks like a very elegant way of reversing them. Looking at the assembly video, I feel like the wire management is a bit over complicated but the result looks elegant and clean so maybe it is worth it. Also looking at the final product demonstration, it looks like there is some fair bit of flex on the pedals, but to be fair I think that comes down to how they were mounted on to the rig. The brackets seem solid enough to now flex that much so I expect you to be able to stiffen that up on a different rig. Lastly, we need to mention the price. At $115 (with free shipping in the US), this is really only an option for customers in the US. The company offers shipping world wide through their eBay page, but shipping rates are a bit high, and with customs added on top of that, the price gets very close to other load cell pedals available on the market at this point.

All in all I think this is a very elegant upgrade that deserves a spot here and that would have made my pedal reversion a lot cleaner, nicer looking and improved the brake resistance, ultimately improving my racing consistency

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