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  • Disastra.EXE
    Disastra.exe, is one more of the kind streamers who needed help with a logo for their stream. You can check it out here! This one turned out to be a challenge, because it had to be feminine. I ma … Read more
  • 1744
    I randomly met this guy in Twitch. This is a quick and dirty logo fos his PUBG stream at 1744PUBGplayer. He's a really cool young guy who seems to be very very kind!
  • Jay Care
    So this was a reaction to helping Lazy Duck out! It looks like very similar task, with the main difference being Jay Care actually being able to specify what he wanted! That ended up in a few different ideas … Read more
  • Lazy Duck Games
    This is just a random kindness logo, that I made for a streamer who is just starting out with his streaming community. I had no contact and no wishes by the streamer, so I have simply made this and … Read more
  • RC racing is intense too!
    There was a time, not very long ago, where most of us would not even consider watching a sim race as interesting. Personally, I seem to find sim racing more interesting to watch now, than most real life racing. … Read more
  • Lamborghini Artwork
    I visited this museum in Århus Denmark, where i found a piece or art that you guys may find interesting. It's was a Lamborghini Gallardo, placed on display in the Aros munseum, that encouraged visitors to leave their mark … Read more
  • Hitchkinz
    Hitchkinz is organising a 24Hrs race for Meningitis awareness. I made one logo for him, with a head and a brain, mainly as inspiration. We ended up being the logo for the event. He liked it, but had some … Read more
  • The Flying Dutchii
    I've made a quick logo for theFlyingDutchii because i really enjoyed watching his stream. If you have the time, visit him on twitch He liked the logo a lot, and asked if I could help out with a banner … Read more
  • Drifty Driving
    Drifty Driving is a new streamer I met on Twitch. He's a lot of good fun to watch, very down to earth and its great to watch him learn (and mess up) I made this logo for fun, based … Read more
  • AuzzieOx
    I randomly found AussieOx on Twitch, and he sounds like a very likeable person/driver from Australia. So i decided to make a logo for him for free, just to keep the skills updated.
  • SR4MH Promo
    I  help Sim Racers For Mental Health a bit with graphics and simple logos, but i also wanted to practice on some video promos, so i made this one for them. It's basically a few slides of info, using … Read more
  • TheBeardyGuy
    I really struggled to get this right, but eventually, TheBeardyGuy ended up picking a very simple but stylish text only logo. Although I spent a lot of time trying different things out (even things not shown here) i really … Read more
  • Sim Racing Guys
    The Sim Racing Guys needed an intro for a new project that they are launching soon. I couldn't make up my mind between the background colors so I ended up making two. One with a red background and the … Read more
  • Dale Trickle
    Dave had a logo with a white background. I did a quick and dirty background removal that although not proper, it worked out pretty well.
  • Sweet Tees
    Sweet tee has two passions. Sim racing and BBQ, so their logo covers both! Its a very cool logo that i had to edit a bit to get dig of a background, but it was fairly easy to do. … Read more

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