Racing line Assist

How, why and if you should use it

Racing line Assist

The racing line assist, is an overlay guiding line, that will display on the track, to help you take the car through the track, by the fastest route possible. This may not always be the shortest distance, but will often guide you to place the car so that you can go through a corner with the highest speed possible.

Many experienced drivers will gringe on the driving line assist, telling you that you need to feel the line, or simply practice more. This is true. At the same time, you see more and more experienced and fast drivers, use the line on their YouTube videos or Twitch broadcasts. So even though the driving line assist is meant for beginners, it is a great help for even even experienced racers.

The Pros

  • The line will teach you to place your car at the right place, along the width of the track
  • It will change color, to indicate if you are going too fast to take a corner safelly
  • It is easier to see the track and what way the next corner is going, if you are not very familiar with it

The Cons

  • The racing line is not always true, but simply a rough guide
  • Especially the braking indicator, should not always be trusted
  • You will not get begger if you always trust the assist
  • It does not consider traffic or rain puddles

The way to go

If you can race well with out the drving line assist, then it’s all good. You will propably not get faster by having it on. If you are new to racing, then the racing line assist will be of a lot of help for you. Especially if you are not too familiar with the track. Besides trying to place your car on the racing line, try to notice how your car behaves when you put it through a certain turn at a certain speed. This way you will learn how to take turns without the assist, but even more importantly, you will learn how your car behaves and will be able to drive it better and safe, even though you are forced off the racing line by traffic, accidents or water puddles on rainy days

The racing line is divided onto 3 sections. You have the braking line (entry to corners), accelleration line (your way out of the corners) and the bits in between. For the section of the driving line in between corners, it is of really little help to anybody. It has very little influence, and really is not worth displaying. It will not ruin your experience, but not having it on, makes the game more beautifull and also it will award you more points. The accelleration line can be helpfull if you don’t use tractions contoll, as it will display the fastest way out of the corner, that you can safelly accellerate on.

The braking line, is what is worth most, with this assist. Not only will it tell you how to approach the corner, but it will also let you know if you are going too fast. This is good for beginners, but make sure to not always trust it. It will often be on the safe side, so some times you can go slightly, or a lot faster, with no trouble at all. On a few tracks, at specific corners, and on high speed, the braking line will display even on light curves that you can take on full throttle.

If you end up using the racing line, i suggest that you only have the braking line on, and simply use it as a guide – not a rule.
Even if you ignore it all together, i find it helpfull on flat, long or comlicated tracks like Silverstone, Nurnburgring (the full track) and Le Mans. These tracks i often get lost on, and i am not sure what corner comes next or how tight it is. The braking line helps me a lot here, and i like to have it on.

About The Author

I've been hooked on racing games, ever since the Burnout series back in the late 90s and after going through some painful years trying to learn the F1 series games, i am now hooked on Forza. I am not the fastest on the track, and not a fanatic, but i enjoy sim racing a lot, and try to get better and faster.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave Schmidt

    As someone that is taking off all there assists and learning to drive with them off with a wheel I found that putting the line back on was helpful. I was thinking about so much, that with the line it gave me a guide of a good driving line I could look at as I was thinking about all the other stuff I now had to do with the controller or wheel. I just used the line as a guild of were to be more that a guide of when to brake. I felt it helped me concentrate on shifting more.

    • Steph

      Yep! I heard Gizziegod say yesterday, that he uses it as a guide for direction, but for braking, it has always been how deep into the red he could take the car before hitting the brakes 🙂


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