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I got contacted by Sim Hound on Instagram, who noticed that we have the same kind of dogs. My girlfriend and I have 3 whippets. The oldest is 9 years old and they mean everything to us! If you’d like, you can follow them here

This is Louie, our middle boy out of 3, napping in the sun

Sim Racing and Whippets are two passions that although not uncommon, they are not as common as say Apex Legends or Golden Retrievers. Combine the two, and it is quite rare.

SimHound is a new company, that sells customisable sim racing rigs, in aluminium profiles, and other sim racing equipment. We had a small chat on IG about running an online webshop and the struggles of the sim racing market but things got “serious” once SimHound found this blog. After taking a look at previous animations and promovideos that i had made for other companies, I was offered a pair of the new SimHound racing gloves, in exchange for a video. I agreed!

work work work

I used to run a webshop back in the day, and I have worked retail, before the days of internet (yeah I am that old…) so I know a couple of things about selling products and one of them is, that you need to make them look not just good, but awesome! So the first step was to take some better pictures of the gloves. SimHound had pictures of them already, but I had my girlfriend literally give me a hand, to take some new ones

We have some decent photo equipment, and most important of all, some good lightning. After the photo shoot, and some basic editing, the results were pretty good!

Now we have decent photos and can finally proceed to the actual task of making a promo video. I had good pictures of the gloves, to use in the video, and also high resolution versions of the logo. To add the element of simracing, to the video, I used a picture of triple screens that I had locally. I still wanted to add some humans to the video though. It’s always good to have humans actually use a product, so that viewers can relate to the video. To achieve this, I made a picture and a video of the hoodies that SimHound also sells

Now I have everything that i need to make the video! I made an initial version that was good but needed a few revisions to get the music right, and to adjust some fonts. The final result i think turned out very well and both SimHound and I were pleased with the way it turned out. What do you think?

If you need something similar, for your company, stream, channel, profile etc let me know! I am sure we can figure something out! Find me on most social media by looking for RookieRaceline

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