Sim Performance Challenge

This Friday, the Find Five Friday challenge is donated by Simperformanceesport, a Danish team, sponsored by
They are a distributor of sim racing equipment who are currently working on relaunching their website. In the meantime they still service their customers through their Facebook Page. Their e-sport team has some serious drivers and they are very dedicated. You’ll often find them in the official events and local series competing for the front posts!

This is an image donated by them, that I have modified slightly to place 5 differences. Can you spot them all?

The picture is taken from the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Danmark arranged by ESR, and broadcasted on actual national television!

By now you should have taken a pretty close look at the two images above and hopefully been able to spot a few differences already, but if you can’t find them all, the image comparison tool bellow might help

Moving that line from left to right can be very addictive, but one you’ve had enough, and still can’t find all five differences, you will find them highlighted bellow.

I hope you have enjoyed this Find Five Friday challenge, and please do get in touch if you have a great shot that you’d like me to use for a future challenge. I hope to see you around again next friday!

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