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I’ve made the move from console (Xbox) to PC 3 months ago. Since i turned the PC on, I haven’t gone back to the console, and actually canceled my subscription a few weeks after that.

I almost instantly bought a bunch of games, mostly because they were so much cheaper that i was used to and also because i had done some research before buying the PC.

  • Project Cars 2 (That was my game of choice on Xbox)
  • Assetto Corsa (Based on all the talks about how good it is)
  • rFactor 2 (After i found out that it is pretty popular)
  • iRacing (The main reason i bought a PC for)

I used to spend a lot of time on Xbox, and honestly i am spending the same time on the PC if not more. What i was surprised to find out, is that I rarely race on Project Cars 2, although i bought that mainly because it was my game of choice. I have spent most of my time on iRacing, and i am really hooked on that SIM. My first week, was a week 13, that is more or less crazy. After that, i started my first season ever, and did alright. Now, the season is over, and it’s Week 13 again.

This time around, i decided to stay away from iRacing during the crazy period, so i chose to give Assetto Corsa a try again. I had previously tried the career mode but really didn’t feel like racing through all the classes that i simply didn’t like. I had gone through this on Xbox, and really was not impressed. After doing a few custom races, and getting used to the game, I looked into the online part and was totally confused. Instead I went and looked closer at a website that i had heard through friends, that runs online races for Assetto Corsa.

It turns out that the site was much more than just one more Forum that runs leagues online. SimRacingSystem, may look dated, and old fashioned, but the way it works is nothing less than brilliant!
Basically it ads a new menu inside Assetto Corsa, with a schedule of oficial races. Users can sign up to races, and take part in official competitions where your results and incidents are logged. You get placed in lobbies that approximately suit your skill level, so the competition is often close and clean.

Race Schedule

Basically it is very light version of iRacing, but very limited. There is only one race at a time, so you don’t really have an option to choose a race. You can pick the next race, or wait until your preferred race comes around. This makes for a pretty limited range of sessions, and also a pretty narrow range of cars/tracks combinations. On the other hand, there are always many people to race against and grids are usually full.

The series are locked to a specific car or car class for a number of weeks, but the tracks are rotated weekly. This gives an option to get used to the car, but get challenged in different tracks and conditions. Although the cars are generally easy to drive, they can be challenging to drive fast. During the week i raced here, i raced the
Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4 , the Toyota GT86 and the Corvette C6R.
They were very different cars to drive, but very enjoyable, and it was easy to pick a race almost at any time.

The system uses original content, but also mods. This allows for a huge variation in cars and tracks, that makes the system very dynamic and enjoyable.

If you want to get into online racing, but don’t want to commit to a system like iRacing just yet, then SRS is definitely a good pick! The system puts you right next to racers of your own skill, it registers your progress, and will challenge you in many different ways.

I have tested SimRacingSystem on Assetto Corsa, but it also has versions for RaceRoom, rFactor2 and Automobilista. Have a look at, and get to race with other gamers who want to race a bit more serious than your average online racer.

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