Sim racing, is getting very popular but also very competitive. Drivers get more organised, sponsors are getting involved and teams try to boost the performance and organise drivers. Many drivers will represent their teams, by using the team initials in their name or gamertag, but it can be a challenge to spot or recognise them all.

Here we have tried to sum up the ones that you’ll see most often, but it is far from a complete list. Please get in touch if we have missed a team og you think your team should be in this list.
Also we would like to do more in depth descriptions and interviews with each team as separate posts, so if you run a team, please get in touch with more info and help up spread the word about what you are doing



Currently no info, please get in touch if you have any info on AMS (link, logo etc) or know of more teams to add to this list.


eSports & Cars is owned by Darren Cox and is one of the most serious and competitive sim racing teams across multiple platforms.



Evercool Racing Team has existed since Forza 4, race on most platforms and feature a friendly, relaxed but competitive atmosphere


Elite Virtual Racing compete in leagues like TORA and ORL. The team is owned by Kieran,



Fight For Her motorsport is, with their own words, the longest serving and most successful eSports racing team on the Forza Motorsport franchise. A growing team that is active on Forza and iRacing with good results. They are also very active on Twitter.


XRS is a growing Spanish team, that originally started off to compete in national events, but quickly got international results. They mainly compete on xBox and iRacing and are known to arrange large events


Red Bull Masters, is a Brazilian sim racing team that currently races on Forza and Project Cars.They seem to be pretty competitive in especially GT cars.


Front-running league racing team. GTR is one of the largest League Racing teams in the world with drivers from all corners of the globe.



Global Force Racing is a small team that competes mainly on Forza Motorsport 6 currently mainly through ORL.


JapSpeed Racing is a Top 5 eSports Team on Forza and has the most #1’s in the world. They were ForzaRC Grand Finalists and host several leagues and lobbies with close racing.


PPS stands for proper pointless sh*t but even though this might sound pointless, they are a growing and very active community that run various series and leagues against each other and take part in official races.


Pendulum Tuning Garage has some very fast drivers, and they compete across many events. They are also very social, and you’ll find them on Twitter or their Discord server.



Forza Racing Team is based in Brazil and race mostly GT cars.


I Heart Racing is striving to bring the community of online racers together by sharing ideas and making a difference in racing. They are up there with the big names, and mainly race on Forza


Team Momentum is a young team, that competes on Forza, Projectcars, F1 and other racing games, but mainly on Xbox1.


Team Redline Sim is one of the big names in sim racing and compete on multiple platforms and large scale series. They are based in UK, but according to their website they are a global team and have even had the F1 driver Max Verstappen as a racer



Team Highland Racing is based in New Zealand, but features drivers from around the world. It is a laidback but pretty competitive team, that partakes in series through ORL and TORA as well as other events.


The Usual Suspects, race through ESL and other leagues, as well as their own series. They have some very fast drivers, and are very well represented in mostly any series.


Virtual Drivers TX3 is a started as a small French team but has expanded to include racers from around the world. They race in almost any platform, and most leagues.


VBR e Sports is a french team, that competes on multiple platforms and series. They also compete through ORL and TORA



Iberica Racing Team is a profesional sim racing team based in Spain. They mostly race on iRacing and rFactor.




BAM is a large eSports organisation based in France with a huge following and fan base. They are very competitive and will often feature in the top series and invitational events.



Puerto Rico Online Drivers is a small Puerto Rican team that competes on Forza Events


Wippermann Racing is a small German team, who often compete in Assetto Corsa and Forza. They mostly compete on TORA


Happy Cat Racing is a pretty large team, that has a laid back attitude but at the same time are competitive. They compete in most platforms but mostly iRacing and Forza


LMP motorsports is a small team that has big ambitions and fights with the big ones. They mainly compete on Forza and regulars at TORA events



Hard Luck Racing is one of the longest Established teams in Forza . An eclectic mix of folks from many Nationalities and skill ranges that mostly race on Forza and Project Cars


Allied Forces Racing (Ax4x) is a cosy laid back but competitive team. They mainly race Forza and compete through TORA, VTCC, SimR and Screwed Gamerz



Cyber Racing Team is a small, but passionate team, that is a regular at TORA. A team with passion and excitement about digital (and regular) motorsport


CTech Motorsport are one of the teams that compete in TORA. They currently run under the title of Virtual Pirtek Racing (VPR) to reflect their sponsorship


New Generation Racedrivers is a team of Forza Motorsport and engine simulators. It was originally brought to life back in the days of Project Gotham Racing 3.



JK Motorsports is a small american team, that mostly races through TORA on Forza.



Remnant Racing is a young team, that launched in March 2017 and is based in the UK. It mainly competes through TORA



GTA Racing is an eSports racing team based in the UK with drivers currently racing in the Pro Class of the ESL PCARS Multi Class Championship & the ESL PCARS Go4 Championship


Threshold is a young small and growing team. They mainly compete on Project Cars and Dirt 4 through AOR. They are currently based in Sweden but are looking at expanding the team, and racing a lot more.

Forza Club Touring

FCT is a French team, that mostly races on Forza and Project cars. They have been at it since 2010 and currenlty have aproximatelly 40 competitive drivers. They have previously competed in the French Championship and Forza FC, but are expandng to other leagues as well.



VP Gaming

VP Gaming is a young but very talented and sucessful team from Germany. They have won multiple championship, mostly on Prject Cars, but they also try things out on other games. The team is growing fast, with more drivers and a growing fan base.





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