Submit your images

We usually take our own pictures, but it is a lot more fun to use pictures that others have taken through their favorite games or sims. If you like taking pictures in your favorite game and want to share with us, you can send them to us.

What we’ll use them for

We use images all the time, but mostly for our Find Five challenges. Depending on the type of image you’ll send, we can use it for many other tasks too, including graphics, banners, backgrounds etc.


Let us know how you’d like to be credited, when we use your image. We’d like to know what name to share with it, what game/software/platform the image is from and also maybe some info on the car(s) and track it is from.

How to

Use the form bellow, to send us your image. Please fill out any information you’d like us to have, like your name, what name we should credit if/when we use it, and what is on the image (car, track, game etc).


For us to be able to use your images for our Find Five Friday Challenge, they need to be large, sharp, and detailed. Please avoid motion blur, or too dark images, as that will not give us enough detail to work with. We can still use artistic pictures, just not for our puzzle challenges

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