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Is it Safe to Tailgate?

Tailgating happens when one car follows the car in front, very very closely. There are certainly some advantages to this, and it is a great tool for overtaking at certain parts of the track, especially on long straights and sweeping corners. On the other hand, it is a very risky driving move, and will often end in crashes instead of giving you an advantage, especially when racing online

The problem is, that you don’t have the time or space to react. You’ll have to predict what the driver in front will do, and react accordingly. This is why tailgating mostly happens on very long straights, and with cars that are more or less equally powered. Here it is easier to move up to the car in front and get close, in order to gain some speed.

With online racing, there are some things to consider, before attempting to tailgate an other driver, and we’ll go through some points to emphasize why you generally should not do it

Do you know the racer in front?

The main problem with tailgating, is that you can’t expect the car in front to drive like you would. Some cars or drivers, may need to brake earlier than you, or use a different racing line than you would. This could come down to different cars, different setups and tunes, or even different driving styles and skills. There are way to many aspects that can affect the way a driver or car would approach a corner, so you can’t prepare for all of them. If you’re too close to the car in front, and it makes a move you’re not prepared for, you’ll probably hurt both cars.


An aspect that you also need to consider, is lag. Online racing can be tricky, because technology can play tricks that wouldn’t apply to the real track. Lag is a problem, that comes when the internet connection causes irregularities on car positions. This means that some times, you may see the car in front at one place, but hit it in an other.. This does not really matter, if you keep your distance, but in close battles and when you are following an other car closely, it can be devastating.


Some drivers, don’t like to have other cars too close to their backs. This is easy to understand, because it often ends ugly. If you get close to an other car on a straight, they might not like it, and will brake check you, to get you off their back. This is a light tab on the brakes, that can result in you losing a lot of time, or even control of the car!

Is it worth it?

Let us know in the comments bellow, of you use tailgating when you race, and if you feel it is worth the risk.


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  1. Dave Schmidt

    The points you bring up are the points all should know and understand. If more would do that the racing would be a lot better.


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