Team Slow Pace

Its #FindFiveFriday again and we are here with a unique livery of a very special team. There is something slightly wrong with Team Slow Pace! Or at least this picture of their car!

Team Slow Pace are personal friends, who although new to iRacing are very committed, dedicated and passionate about racing on iRacing. With daily streams through Beaver90 they entertain, inform and hang out with other iRacers.

I have helped them make a livery for their GTE efford for this Daytona 24Hrs and they also features in my list of Danish simracing teams and drivers that I will be keeping an eye on tomorrow.

Until then, maybe you can cast your eye on this picture of the livery and try to Find the Five differences between these two pictures of their car?

I kind of like this livery. It did not take super long to make, and it is not really that complicated. Even though it was a quick and dirty paint, it feels elegant, it is identifiable, even in the dark, and it reflects the nationality of the team, through the red and white colors.

Ok so you might still be struggling with the last few differences. The image comparison tool bellow might help you out!

This is all the hints you will get. If you still can’t find them, I have to be rude and tell you to try harder. If you just can’t bother, you’ll find the solution bellow, but what’s the fun in that?

I hope you’ve had fun with this nonetheless, even if you had to take a peek at the solutions.

If you want your car featured in here, let me know, and we can figure something out!

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