Top iRacing AddOns

iRacing is an exceptionally good sim racer, and is almost a complete racing solution for dedicated and passionate racers. That said, there are a few external addons that make it even better. We’re going to take a look at the most popular

Most of these, work as separate programs, that will feed off the iRacing API and give you real time information on what is going on in the game/sim.

Crew Chief

Crew chief is basically what you would expect of a pit wall crew. It is roughly a spotter, but will also inform you of gap to other cars, tell you about fuel consumption, inform you on tire status and much much more. It will even calculate fuel consumption and predictions.

The really great feature about Crew Chief is that it has built in voice recognition. It is not quite AI status, so don’t expect it to be Google Assistant status or a male Siri. That said, it is really practical when you need information while racing.

Personally i have used Crew Chief since i was racing on Project Cars on Xbox, using a phone to run it, and was very very happy with it. On iRacing, it has been less stable for me, and has been off with lap times, grid positions, lap counts and even fuel calculations. This might be limited to a local issue with my system, because others are very excited to use it.

Trading Paints

This is a software that will replace paint schemes from the somewhat simple options that iRacing offers, to full blown custom paint schemes. Not only will it allow you to load skins on to your car, but it is also needed, to see the skins others are using. This means that you may have used a skin from trading paints, but the ones who don’t have Trading Paints installed, won’t be able to see your skin. There are surprisingly many who do use it though, so if you like looking at often pretty cars, do go ahead and get it!

You’ll need to create an account on their page, and pick your preffered paints on their site, but it works well, and makes races look a lot nicer. Of course you will also some times have to look at the silly paints that others choose but i guess that this is a matter of taste. You can also use it share your own paints and let others race them.

JRT Timing

This is maybe my favorite app. It has a whole list of information pages, that you can run on external screen, phones tablets etc. basically anything that runs a browser. That said, i personally have used JRT mostly as overlays. I figured out how to run iRacing in windowed mode (without seeing any of the desctop) and then put the information pages on top of the game. I mostly use the dashboard page, a simplified timing page, that also shows me the other drivers iRating and Safety rating. There are several other pages too, but they all tap into your CPU so i had to limit my usage.

Image of dashboard, from JRT webpage

I initially used the dashboard on an Android phone, but has issues with too much lag. Especially with the Rev limiter, and seeing when i needed to change gears. It might be down to a too slow phone, bad connection or some bad settings (you can adjust the FPS settings for the information).

JRT does not really look that nice, but it has some invaluable information for you, and even your viewers if you are streaming your races.

Setup Sync

Setup Sync is a software that lets you share and get setups from others. You can filter setups by car and tracks so that you can get the best setup for each combination, but be aware that the setups are so specific that they don’t always match the weather or track usage that you are racing on.

That said, it is a very useful tool with many handy features

  • Automatically download recent setups for your current car / track, as soon as you start iRacing.
  • Browse through your recently used setups, then instantly share them, or save them locally if you forgot.
  • Search setups by car, track or team and download the ones you don’t have yet.
  • Compares your local setups with the online database setups to determine which setups you already own – there is no point in downloading duplicates!
  • Subscribe to cars, tracks and teams and quickly search setups that match any of your subscribed items.
  • Completely customizable directory and setup naming convention with macros like the setup author, car, track, season and many more.
  • Operates on a vast database which is continuously updated by setups added by other users

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