Trovo Freebies!

I recently (depending on when you read this) started streaming on Trovo. I prefer it to other platforms but that is a whole different topic.. The reason I want to make this post, ant the reason you are here, is to offer reusable elements to others who also may be starting out on Trovo. If you can use any of this, feel free to use it. No need to credit or attribute it to me.
If you want, you can tip me here or just follow and watch my streams here. If you are new to Trovo yourself, get in touch, and we can help each other out. I can help with logos, animations & videos, Streamlabs setups, streamer packs, transitions or anything else that you may need. You can also have my referral code that will give us both a boost each time you level up.

Banner that I use with an asset rotator so that it shows on top of my streams at set intervals. Good for clips that I use on Youtube, so that viewers know that live action is on Trovo
Video intro that I use on my Youtube Compilation of Trovo clips

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