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I have been very happy to be on twitch both as a viewer and at times as a streamer. I reached affiliate pretty fast, and was enjoying the company while I streamed but also very much the friendships on other streamers chats. Non the less, I will be leaving Twitch both as a streamer and a viewer because I think it has failed to moderate its use. It has become something that I can’t see my self using or supporting.

Hot Tubs was the drop

Many of us have joked that having breasts is the greatest asset to have success on Twitch. Its not true, but it does seem like young girls who are willing to use their body to attract viewers, followers, subs and donations are doing very well on the platform. Twitch has done very little to diss-encourage women and girls from using their bodies to make money. They have actually encouraged it.

…you have young girls making money online on their platform and Twitch getting a (big) bite of that. In my book this is too close to what a pimp does…

This is strongly confirmed with the recent Hot Tub Meta. Girls in bikinis, showing off in hot tubs. Twitch has of course defined some rules but these are not broken so everything is fine according to them. Non the less you have young girls making money online on their platform and Twitch getting a (big) bite of that. In my book this is too close to what a pimp does and of course a pimp would not agree that this business is shady at all especially as they set the rules as to what is acceptable or not.

Who decides what is ok?

We all have different standards as to what is ok, acceptable and what crosses that threshold. I can confirm that my stands are different from the standards that Twitch has. What I am hugely let down by, are the double standards. Twitch has very strict rules as to what may be said, what may be worn, where and by whom, in order to not be sexualised and to keep the platform children friendly. Non the less, you have streamers perform soft-core strip shows and using their often artificial body parts, to encourage horny viewers to pay them.

I personally don’t have anything against the porn industry, but I do believe that that there needs to be a clear line between that and regular shows.

Letting you mark “not interested” is basically like telling you that spam emails are great, and that you can just block the sender, if you don’t like it.

Twitch allows you to manually mark each stream that you are not interested in but by doing this, they demonstrate that it is acceptable to have these types of streams, and that you can simply opt out of them if you don’t want to see them. Basically its like telling you Spam emails are great, you can just block the sender, if you don’t like them.

For me this is an approval of streams like this. According to Twitch, as long as streamers are not breaking the rules, everything goes. This is why you have streamers trying to bend the rules and use the platform in a way that was meant to be stopped by the rules. This brings us to a stand still. A place that gives both sides what they need. Twitch has an excuse that they have done something by placing the rules there. Streamers have not broken the rules, because if they had, they would have been banned. In the end, nothing really has been done though and you still have Twitch function as a pimp

Will it get any better?

I’ve read, heard and seen quite a few reactions to the Hot Tub meta, the way Twitch reacts to the criticism and what the “hot tub streamers” think about it. What I have gotten out of it is, that streamers will always try to find loopholes to get them the most view, followers and profit. This will often be sexualised content. As long as Twitch gets a bite of the cake, they will be wanting to have this cake be as large as possible. If this includes stretching moral and ethical boundaries, they seem to not hesitate at all.

If they took this more seriously and accepted that this is what they do, I might be ok with it! If they made a NSFW category, or a separate platform and called it or whatever, it would be ok with me too. But trying to sneak soft-core cam sex into a platform like theirs, and say that it is not sexualised or sexually suggestive, that it is up to the viewers to mark what they don’t want to see and treating such content like any other content is in my opinion demonstrating the highest double standards they can. If content like this is not sexually suggestive, it should be perfectly fine for a 13 year old girl to do them too, and honestly I can’t see many agree that they’d want that of Twitch.

I don’t think Twitch will have the courage to either put their foot down and do what they mean, or go the other way and admit to what they are doing but filter and categorise adult content. Personally I think I would be just fine with both of these reactions. Especially if any adult content, was an opt in and not opt out of category. Doing one thing and telling that they are doing the other, is trying to fool the viewers and treating its user base disrespectful.

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