Volante Racing and more

This is a great shot sponsored by Nesterowicz. Its a picture of theVolante car among others, competing on Monza! Volante is a very dedicated team that races a lot of official and unofficial races and events.

You can find Volante on most social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Their website is at TeamVolante

I have used the donated piture to make to versions of the image, with 5 distinct but difficult to find differences. Can you spot them?

If you already have spent some time looking at the image above and still can’t find all 5 differences, the format bellow might help you find the rest.

Still struggling? The last few are always the hardest so its ok. You can sind the sollutions to all five differences bellow.

Thanks again to Volante and Nesterowicz for the image! It’s a great picture and it worked really well for this Find Five Friday challenge. See you again next week! If you want your image featured, please do get in touch!

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