VW Corrado

@ Lime Rock

Not really a racing car…

But good for racing!

Yesterday i was minding my own business, racing at the GT League, and getting to terms with being at the back of the field again. It is a good challenge, and the racing is ok – not always clean, and I often end up waiting for the next besides all the damage and crashes, it can be fun once you get past lap 1. During a pretty long race, i got a pop up invite, from Gizziegod, to join a race. Now this is a fun thing that has started happening the past couple of weeks. I’ve been adding friends to my account, based on their driving, and how they behave on track (and sometimes what they say) but basically this is random people i don’t know much about. The last couple of weeks, i’ve been getting invited to a fair number of private lobbies, league parties and private sessions, and it’s been a whole lot of fun! Gizziegod is not a random person though, and even though i’ve joined him for some great events, i thought that this was going to be just some fun session, with random class cars, or random tracks.

It turned out to be an event of a series though, and we had to race the VW Corrado with a specific tune, that would bring it up to C Class, on Lime Rock. We did 2 sessions of aproximatelly 10 laps each, before starting the race of 25 laps. The Corrado is not a fast car, and after being pulled straight out of a GT league to race it, it maybe felt even worse. After a few laps though you get used to it, and it is actually a fun car to drive! The racing was very close, even at the end after 25 laps. I was at the back of the field, but i was having fun trying to get faster lap times and stay out of the way for the faster guys. If you can, try to join events like these. They are a lot of fun, no matter if you win or not.


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I've been hooked on racing games, ever since the Burnout series back in the late 90s and after going through some painful years trying to learn the F1 series games, i am now hooked on Forza. I am not the fastest on the track, and not a fanatic, but i enjoy sim racing a lot, and try to get better and faster.

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  1. Dave Schmidt

    You should ask Gizziegod, if he would like a regular group to race with. TNGC international


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