We need your help

Even though it can be cheap to set up a new website, it can be expensive to set up a good one, and to maintain.
Some of the coolest features we have, and making sure your info is secure, cost money. Also we pay for software to create and come up with good quality content. Even though we love running this site, we’d much rather spend our money on DLC, a Logitech G920 or food…

We won’t be asking for money but you can help us indirectly by picking one of these option

Buy a Paintjob

They breathtaking pieces of art, but are surely a unique and artistic way of getting your own paint job with optional number on your car for a race or an event. It’s not a specific design by demand, but you can make color and style wishes. Special price if you’re ok with having our logo on it and you’ll be supporting us while riding a unique car.

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Buy Anything from Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where freelancers offer their services. You can find any kind of help there and as long as you use the link bellow for your first order, you (and we) will get a little deferral bonus. This will help us especially when hiring developers to customize some of the features of the site

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Spread the word

The cheapest way to support us, but non the less (almost) equally important to us, is by spreading the word about us. The more followers we have (Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter) the easier we can convince sponsors to get involved with demos, reviews, promotions etc