What I do

I love coming up with new ideas and projects. Much of what I do is for fun, to get better at something or for charity. Some of the projects I come up with, I have big dreams for, and although they rarely become hits, I still learn from doing them.

Stream on Trovo

I dropped Twitch because of many reasons but mainly because of their double standards. Instead, I have found Trovo, that is a new platform, with what i see as great potential. It has way less viewers, but it is a good place to be, and the community seems very passionate and engaging.

If you want to start streaming on Trovo, let me know! I can share a referral code with you, that will give us both an extra boost every time you level up. I can also help you with graphics, logos etc

Youtube Channel

I have had my Youtube channel for ages, but never really done much of it. After switching to Trovo for my streams, I have now also made a biger efford to make some short compilation videos of my streams. It is usually a compilation of fails, accidents and crashes. Please drop by the channel, and turn on notifications to get a message when I do post there!


It is not that I don’t like people, its more that i don’t like teams. Or maybe groups of people? I don’t know really, I am still trying to figure it out, but in my search, to learn myself, I have found that I am not alone. There are more people who prefer to race alone, but can’t race endurance racing, because they need teams to do so.

A.S.S. Racing is a place for people who don’t like teams, to find teams