Slow Racing

Its still all about going faster than the others

Why E Class is fun

Racing is not always fast, and you’ll find this out, when you take on an E-Class challenge or race. It’s still racing though, as long as you can go faster than your opponents, and besides being a really good way to learn how to race, they can be a lot of fun!

Out of the box, these cars are slow, often underpowered, and don’t handle too good. On the positive side, they are often small and light cars, that improve quite a lot, with simple tunes or adjustements. Besides this, many of them really look awesome!

Beautifull Cars

It comes down to a matter of taste, but many of my favourite E-Class cars are old, from around the 1970-1980, and they definetelly have a certain feel and class about their style. Even though these cars look great in stock colors, you can choose or make some pretty retro and funky looking liveries to spice them up.

You’ll also find more modern cars in E Class, and even cars that really are not supposed to be used for racing. This all adds to the dynamic of this Class, and adds a whole lot of quirky fun to it

It’s good for you!

Besides being a lot of beautifull fun, E-Class is a very good place to practice. There are several reasons for this, and we’ll line up a few for you to explain

It’s slow!

Yup – thats a good thing. The main argument is, that compared to P, X or mostly any other Class, everything happens at a slower rate (except for accidents). This means you’ll have more time to react, and correct mistakes. For example, if you enter a corner wrong, you’ll have time to correct your line, and get a pretty decent corner. In X class, you’d probably be on the grass, by the time you figure out you’re attacking the corner wrong. In P Class, you could easilly hit the wall, trying to correct your entry. E class is a lot more forgiving, and easier to fix a problem than the faster classes


E-Class cars are not that powerfull and this means you won’t really need stuff like Traction Controll, ABS or Automatic Gears. Actually this class is terrible with Automatic Gears, so you’ll want to either switch it to Manual, or Manual with Clutch. It’s a great class to learn how to use manual gears, because you have more time to think about what you’re doing. In the higher classes, this need to be instinctive. Also if you already use manual, then this class is great to practice the clutch funtionality, that will give you faster gear changes and hopefully shave some 10ths off your lap times!

Traction Controll

Traction controll is pretty handy in the faster cars, but for E-Class, it will only slow you down by cutting power to the wheels. Try it out, and feel the vibrations on the triggers. This means that you are accellerating too fast and giving too much throttle. To correct this, get on the throttle a bit more gradually, instead of mashing to full throttle on your way out of the corner.


Same as with TCS, ABS is not really needed in E Class. You have time to let go of the brake, let the wheels roll, and try to brake softer, before you ruin the corner. If you are blocking your wheels when you enter a corner, brake a tiny little bit earlier, and brake gradually to keep traction on your wheels. Also experiment with light braking, and using downshifts to assist your braking. Again this is a great class to practice this in, as you have the time to it, and notice what you’re doing. It’s a lot harder to be gentle on the controlls in the faster classes

It won’t be easy

Don’t think you’ll get any closer to the faster drivers, just because they are slower though.
After joining a shake down for a series of E Class races, i found out that the fast guys are even faster than me on the slower cars, than they are in the faster classes. This comes down to tuning the car right, choosing the right car, and also carying speed through the corners, to keep a higher speed on the straights. To do this, you’ll need to choose the right racing line, and make sure you don’t brake more than needed to stay on the track.
Basically the cars are easyer to in some aspects, because you don’t need to be too carefull with accellerating or braking. You’ll gain some speed, by turning traction controll and ABS off. Also it’s easyer to use manual with clutch, so you’ll also gain some speed by using that. On the other hand, the driving itself is more challenging than the faster cars, and will challenge your technical skills on the track.

E Class Cars

Take a look at a few beautifull E Class cars, and make sure to share your own favourites in the comments bellow!

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