I am more or less happy with my current setup, but am also looking forward to upgrading or updating some of it. This is the list of future upgrades that i look forward to and the reasons why I would like to have them

Better CPUI need a better processor for my racing PC, as the one i have, is struggling at times. At the moment, I can’t stream endurance races. I Could, if i set the rendered cars to less that full grid (65 cars) but that would mess with telemetry, standings, results etc for the spotter and the overlays. This would also help me setup a better stream, with higher resolution, green screen (as it is too hard on my system now) and also some cooler overlays and effects.
Better GPUMy GPU is a GTX 1070 that does the job ok, but I would like to have better graphics and better details. I run the game at 80 fps, that at the moment seems enough, but it drops to lower rates at some tracks on certain area
Sream Deck XLI have come to love my Stream Deck and the more i love it the more i find myself missing the option to have more buttons! I can’t have enough buttons!