Xmas Day FFF

This is a very special Find Five Friday, on Christmas Day! The honour goes to a fabulous shot donated by Lyons_simracing, of this Porsche 918. Lyons Sim racing has an Instagram profile where they share awesome pictures from sim racing games. Visit and follow here.

For this challenge, I have edited 5 subtle differences between the two versions of this image. Can you find them all?

If you find it hard to spot all differences, you can have a look at the image comparison bellow. It might make it slightly easier

This one is pretty easy so you shouldn’t need more help. Sometimes though, after all the stress of Christmas, it can be hard to focus this hard, so its ok if you need to have a peek at the solution bellow

I hope you’ve had fun with this one, and I look forward to next Friday that will be another very special day in the new year! Once again thanks to Lyons_Simracing for the image. If you want to have your image features in a Find Five Friday, get in touch! I can always use great shots of cool looking cars

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